What is your name?

Rebekah P.

How long have you worked for Sentient HR?

5 years

What is your favourite colour?


What is your favourite snack?


What is your favourite food?


How do you spend your summer breaks?

Relaxing and chilling

If you won the lottery and decided to give up teaching, what would you do instead?

Buying a house

What is one of your hidden talents?


What makes a ‘good day’ at a childcare centre?

Spending time with children and staff

What’s the best/worst thing about being a childcare worker (RECE or Assistant)?

Best thing is helping out the staff and kids.

How do you remember all of the children’s names?

When you work at the same centre you remember!

What current trends are baffling to you? Why?

Change of routine

What is your first memory from school?


What would your perfect party look like?

Balloons streamers music and food plus cake