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It is very important to entrust your students with knowledgable educators at your private school or childcare centre. All of Sentient’s educators have been interviewed by a trained recruiter and gone through a vigorous screening process, which includes a Zoom video interview, reference check, health assessment and vulnerable sector criminal check.

Sentient has over 250 supply staff and are continuing to grow our team to better serve your centre. We endeavour to meet your centre’s needs, whether you are seeking an RECE, Assistant, Kitchen staff or Montessori teacher. If you require a half-day shift, full-day shift, or longer term staff member, we individualize our search for every client. Sentient invites you to book our reliable and qualified staff to meet any staffing needs, 24/7.

How do I reserve and book a supply staff?

Sentient Connect – Our 24/7 Online Booking System

Sentient’s new online staffing platform is designed for ease of order management and increased transparency. Our Connect platform allows enhanced matching through your ability to place orders at any time, from any device. By utilizing Sentient Connect online, you will have access to the Connect Dashboard, which provides updates as to the status of any requests.


  • Ease of Ordering
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Online timesheets
  • Increased Transparency

Sentient Connect User Guides: Please refer to the detailed User Guides for using our Sentient Connect online booking system by clicking on the below relevant Client or Staff User Guide image.

What can you expect?

Staff Training

Once hired, all Sentient Supply Staff attend an orientation session which covers important topics such as behaviour management, child abuse, performance expectations, health and safety training and what’s important to you, our clients. Throughout the year, Sentient offers approved ECE workshops and resource booklets to the staff that help keep them informed and educated.

On-The-Go Package

All Sentient staff have an on-the-go package which includes all required documentation by the Ministry. The staff will bring this with them for every shift and if for any reason a staff arrives without an on-the-go package one will be faxed to you at your request.

“I really liked (Connect)… It was WAYYYY faster and I found it really easy to review what I put and make sure it’s right.”
“Sentient one of the most trusted and well known supply companies. They have honest, excellent and high level educated team. It was a great opportunity and honor for me to work with them. I will always be happy to keep this connection.”

Sentient helps women from different backgrounds to grow. Many women got their first job through Sentient. Women in different phases (such as new mother, old aged complicated women, students) get part time work from Sentient 

I value the way Sentient keeps the communication to keep everyone up-to-date and informed with new job availability.

I really like how Sentient HR is able to accomodate employees needs and the flexibility of working.

Navigating Sentient is quick and easy – also being able to choose your own schedule. Any time you need help, someone is always a call/text away and very friendly.

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