Recognize, Appreciate, Reward!

Sentient Perks is our reward program that recognizes the commitment of our staff and supports and incentivizes their efforts to grow as professionals.

The goal of Sentient Perks is to retain great employees, ensure client satisfaction, and provide opportunities to grow and advance.  Sentient offers a pathway to develop skills, recognize knowledge and experience, and set goals for continuous improvement.

1. Reach Beyond

Take action. Be responsible. Act with integrity. Keep and open mind.

2. Earn Coins

Collect coins for your positive actions. It’s that easy!

3. Choose Your Reward

Select a Gift Card that is meaingful for you.

How to Earn Coins with Sentient PERKS

Once a month, you will be sent an

e-mail with your coin balance.

Choose to SAVE or REDEEM your coins!

$10 = 60 Coins

$20 = 120 Coins

$50 = 300 Coins

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