Sentient welcomes Centennial College ECE students & alumni to explore our job openings!

Centennial College and Sentient HR are collaborating to offer you a part-time, on contract, or full-time job with flexible hours at a childcare Centre close to your home. Being a student who is enrolled in Centennial College’s Early Childhood Education program simplifies the steps to gain employment at Sentient HR. To apply, send your resume to and click on apply now!

Did you know Sentient can use your Centennial Placement Package documents to expedite hiring you?

Once you have completed the required documents in preparation for your first job placement, we will accept the Centennial College placement package to hire you at Sentient HR. The placement package will fast-track you to a flexible employment opportunity with Sentient.

Who is Sentient

Since 2003, Sentient has been the trusted partner to hundreds of childcare centres in Ontario. Centre supervisors contact Sentient when they need a supply staff, require coverage for a short-term leave, or are seeking a full-time Assistant or RECE at their centre. We prioritize our educators and will support you by providing professional development, connecting you to meaningful work experiences, and becoming a reference for you as we observe and coach you.

Why work for Sentient

  • Sentient prioritizes our educators.
  • Sentient provides support you by providing
  • Sentient connects you to meaningful work experiences.
  • Sentient becomes a reference for you as we observe and coach you.

Benefits of Joining Sentient as a Centennial College Student

Learning & Development

  • Monthly complimentary Professional Development workshops
  • Opportunities to learn more about childcare centres in your region and build rapport with supervisors
  • Joining a team whose purpose is to Enrich Lives through the Power of Connections

Competitive Compensation

  • $17.00 per hour starting wage for students
  • $20.00 per hour starting wage for graduates who have registered with the College of ECEs


  • No minimum work requirements. While you are a Centennial College student, you may work as much or as little as you wish
  • Valuable experience working in a variety of childcare settings close to home

Ready to be part of Sentient’s team?

To apply, send your resume to and click on apply now!

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